Anna and Rami in Brussels

Ann and Rami in Belgium
Ann and Rami in Belgium

Editor’s Note: Anna Christenson (UW-Madison) and Rami Jubara (Normandale College) spent last summer as IceCube interns. This summer they are interning with the IceCube group in Brussels, Belgium. 


The first week is over! Rami and I arrived at 9 AM  Sunday June 16th in the Brussels national airport, and had to wait for Professor Kael Hanson who’s plane arrived at 1:00 PM. Kael and his wife drove us to our apartment, which is a very nice apartment! We explored the area around our apartment which is VUB and ULB campus and some shops.
Bootcamp started Monday and they worked us to the bone, …  just kidding! Bootcamp was fantastic and the speakers were all very helpful and we learned a lot about IceCube! On Tuesday night we went with some of the visiting PHD students to watch the Belgium football game at pub near our apartment. The streets were full of crazy fans after they won which was a lot of fun to see. On Wednesday we had a bootcamp dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Cafe de Epices.
On Friday the bootcamp was wrapped up and instead of attending the last two hours, I met with a PHD student, Thomas Meures, who will be the person I report to daily. I will be working on the experiment Askaryan Radio Array. We discussed what I will work on for the first few weeks. The plan is to work on a calibration method Thomas has developed and later work on improving a reconstruction method. Friday night, we went and explored the downtown area in Brussels (which is where the picture below is from).
On Sunday, Rami and I explored the beautiful city of Ghent. It was an hour train ride there. Ghent has been my favorite thing I have seen so far.


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