Week two in Europe

Beach in Zeeland
Beach in Zeeland


Week two had hard work in store. It was the first week Rami and I began our individual projects. I began work on calibration for the ARA detector and worked on improving reconstruction techniques. I am using python and C++ for coding. I attended the analysis and operation calls. One of the ARA stations hasn’t been working, so the operations call consisted of discussing techniques to restore its data taking. I found this very interesting and learned something I hadn’t previously known about. Next week I will present what I have accomplished so far with calibrations at a local group meeting here in Brussels.
On Thursday the university we work at, VUB, had a campus wide barbecue that every lab and department attends. There was live music and fantastic food. It was an awesome experience getting to meet other students, scientists and faculty on campus.
The rest of the week in the evenings, we watched some more football with fellow colleagues in Brussels and caught up on some sleep that I lost due to jet lag that finally hit me! This weekend Rami and I accompanied some of the IceCubers from VUB that we work with to Zeeland, Netherlands. We barbecued, swam in the North Sea, biked, shopped at old fashioned Dutch markets, and personally, ended up very sunburnt. The weather was fantastic the whole weekend and it was a great opportunity to bond with our colleagues. One night we went for an evening walk and found bioluminescent plankton in the sand. Every step we took the sand seemed to light up with bright blues and greens. Later we used our friend, google, to learn what it was. A little biology never hurts a physicist!


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